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Samsung ATIV Tab 7


Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Windows 8 Tablet with PenCheck out our range of Samsung ATIV Smart PC Windows 8 tablets and accessories here.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Windows 8 tablet range includes the built in quality and first class design that has enabled Samsung to become the world leader in mobile devices.

Our range of Samsung ATIV Smart PC Windows 8 tablets includes the key models that you won't find at retail shops (Australian stock only). These tablets are only recommended for professionals who want to get the job done!

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Windows 8 Tablets range from a fast Generation 3 Intel Core i5, 3G ready, 256Gb Windows 8 Pro PC suitable for the mobile worker who must have the best device for the job down to the basic Intel Atom Powered tablet.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Windows 8 Tablets include the very best Wacom Digitizer Pen (and a place to store it) as well as a 5 point multi- touch screen.

For detailed views and information, visit our Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro page.

Samsung ATIV Tab 7 - Ultimate Version - 256GB SSD and 3G
The Samsung ATIV Tab 7 is now retired. If you are looking for a hybrid tablet we suggest the...

ATIV Smart PC 11.6
  11.6" Anti-Glare Type , ATIV Smart PC AntiGlare Screen Protector (Series 5 &...

Price: AUD $29.00 inc GST
Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
The Micro HDMI to HDMI cable allows you to connect your tablet to a TV, Monitor or Projector with a...

Price: AUD $19.95 inc GST
Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro

Price: AUD $119.99 inc GST
MS Sculpt Touch Mouse With Bluetooth
MS SCULPT TOUCH MOUSE WITH BLUETOOTH   A clutter-free way to stay productive on the...

Price: AUD $54.50 inc GST
Microsoft Wedge Keyboard
A perfectly portable companion for your tablet The new, ultra-slim Wedge Mobile Keyboard was...

Price: AUD $99.00 inc GST
Bamboo Stylus Feel (Carbon) - Wacom
Unfortunately the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel Pens have been discontinued. May we suggest a...

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